Lisa & Marc

We are so excited to be using our new kitchen and family room . . . our experience with you and your team could not have been more positive.

Carol W.

Working with Carrigan not only accomplished everything I had wanted and in a most professional manner, but it was fun and exciting . . . She is exceptionally detail oriented. She is on time!! She saved me money. She had respect for me as a client and listened to my ideas.


Thank you so much for providing such effective help to my dear friends. They are so grateful, and so am I. It is really a blessing to have you in our lives.


. . . I am a fan!! Relief is spelled Carrigan Curtis . . .


Totally trustworthy . . . [Carrigan Curtis] is not only a remarkably gifted designer, but she was able to listen, make suggestions, and respond immediately to any issues that came up. We admired the skill and professionalism with which she
handled the subcontractors. She has an enormous knowledge of all aspects of home improvement – from plumbing to electrical to architecture.

Leslie & Siobhan

Our experience working with Carrigan was exceptional! . . . We had what can only be described as the perfect experience . . . We never thought that renovating our house would be so much fun!

Riv-Ellen & Steven

After the job is beautifully done, Carrigan remains in the relationship to follow up on concerns and to make sure that everything remains at the highest quality. We recommend Carrigan to friends and colleagues for her remarkable abilities and her professionalism.

Beth & Jack

We loved your design work. We were impressed with how well you kept the project moving along according to the project timeline. You were an excellent mediator when we needed to make decisions on design choices and you were always available to answer questions . . . Can you tell we enjoyed working with you? Thank you for all you did on our project.

Jean & Todd

The kitchen is fabulous – and exceeded our expectations. We really enjoyed working with you throughout the process and appreciated all your ideas, efforts, and patience.

Riv-Ellen & Steven

Carrigan combines a rare set of talents. She is an outstanding contractor and an exceptional designer. She envisions every detail of a project, and brings it to a group of talented craftsmen to realize her vision . . .


Holistic building & design techniques for healthy and harmonious homes.

Environmental Illness is on the rise. According to the EPA 65% of our buildings are polluted with sometimes as much as 6 to 10 times higher levels of pollution that outdoor city air. Most Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Wouldn’t you rather live in an indoor sanctuary instead of a toxic battlefield for your body?

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From Living With Mold to Living Healthy

The problem started for this home when, a few years earlier, the lake the property sits next to rose to higher-than-normal levels and flooded many surrounding properties. The house had floodwaters right up to sandbags for two weeks straight, which were two to three feet above their floor level. The house had no basement, just a combination of an inaccessible dirt crawlspace and a ground level porch that had been covered and sealed up in a previous remodel, creating another inaccessible crawlspace.

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The construction or renovation of such a personal item as our home takes more than just the right tools and talented trades people. Our construction team possesses the technique, skills, and resources to build a vision.We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and industry where-with-all to make certain that your project stays on task and is completed with the utmost quality.

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Home Design

Carrigan Curtis Designs offers award-winning designs that intertwines instinct, collaboration, and daring into a design to create a space that functions seamlessly and inspires the eye with timeless beauty. Carrigan Curtis believes that less is not more when it comes to home design – it is an art that many attempt, but few master. “The Art of Home” is Carrigan Curtis Designs.

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Interior Design

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing space, Carrigan Curtis’ Interior Design Services offers everything you need. Carrigan Curtis Interior Design services can include color palette development, appliance and fixture selection, furniture, and accessory selection, fabric selection and coordination, window treatments, and interior design installation.

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